Are these branded LEGO sets?
I am from Canada. Do you ship to Canada from the USA warehouse?
Do you ship from Europe Warehouse to United Kingdom (England)
No Shipping option to the country I want to ship.
Some parts are missing on the set I ordered. What should I do?
Is the shipping really FREE?
What are the Payment Options?
I did not recieve my Item. I fear It might be lost. What can I do?
Can the product be Shipped with Original Box?
Are these sets already built or do I have to build it my self?
Do I have to pay additional custom duty / TAX / VAT on the items I ordered?
Why are the items so cheap than the branded LEGO?
I changed my mind. I need to return the item. What Should I do?
I am a Wholesaler / Dropshipper I would like to work with you.
How do I track the order?
How long does it take to ship the product after I make the payment?
I need the items shipped through express shipping, Can you provide such services?
The item I need is not on the catalog. Can you find it for me?

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